Wednesday, May 1, 2013

40 days or less...the countdown continues!

Yesterday we had the first of what are now are weekly appointments. Everything is looking good and we talked about what is to come. If baby girl doesn't come early, I will likely be induced at 39 weeks in part because of being a gestational diabetes baby, and in part because of my fear of a c-section and my size. I am still measuring where I should be at this stage, but if you remember from a previous post, I had expressed to Dr. Anderson that I really don't want a c-section but if I have to, I want him to do it. So by 38 weeks, they're going to see what everything looks like and make a decision on how to proceed the next week on a day when Dr. Anderson is at the hospital.

I'm also a fan of this idea because if I know in advance, mom might can book a flight and make it for the delivery. How nice it would be to have her along side from the get-go. Every girl is always going to need her momma! Well at least this girl...

So in honor of this pregnancy starting to quickly come to a close, I thought I would post about the things I'm looking forward to post-pregnancy (apart from the obvious baby!) since I can count on one hand the things I've liked about this pregnancy.

1. No more nausea and no more daily drugs to keep me from throwing up. (I can't even remember what that is like!)
2. Pants with a waistband, zipper and button!
3. Getting back into my old clothes. I have such cute clothes I just stare at in longing! Now that I'm at the end of pregnancy, I have about three pairs of pants, four tops and two dresses that I rotate...I'm looking forward to a little more variety.
4. No more swollen ankles, hands and feet. I can't wait to put my wedding rings back on!
5. RUNNING! I'll start with walking again, but I can't wait to start running and not feel like an elephant when I move.
6. Getting healthy in general. I had sort of let myself go before this pregnancy. I gained a lot of weight and will probably actually weigh less post-partum because of all the weight I've actually lost in pregnancy. But it's more than weight. With the gestational diabetes, it's scared me straight to take better care of my body so I don't get Type 2 Diabetes. I also haven't been able to take vitamins because they upset my stomach so much. Eating regular meals has been difficult. Because I'm going to try to breastfeed, I find eating healthier to be even more of a priority. I'm looking forward to getting baby girl and myself on a routine to help us be as healthy as possible.
7. Getting my Arbonne business off the ground and running. I'm doing my best this late in pregnancy and it's going VERY well. But the more I learn about this company and the more I meet other people involved with it, I am falling in love with the opportunity I've found!
8. Getting my long arm quilting business off the ground. I had to put this on hold because it does take a certain amount of bending over and physical work to get a quilt on the frame. My back couldn't handle it.
9. And with that said - BENDING OVER! I curse almost every time I drop something in the floor.
10. Sitting in the floor with baby girl and actually being able to get myself up. 
11. Wearing more than just one pair of shoes. I only have one pair that fits right now and on days when the temperature drops in the 40's like this, I only have open toed shoes to wear because I can't stuff these sausages into any of my closed toed shoes anymore. At least if my feet are a little bigger I can justify going and buying new shoes (which I've never had a problem with!)
12. This probably should be further up the list...not peeing my pants all the time. The bigger she's gotten, the worse this has gotten. The way this is going, in a few weeks, I think I'll graduate from liners to full on out adult diapers!
13. No more insane medical bills. Getting rid of gestational diabetes will save me at least $78 a month add on top of that  the $30 something a month I pay for Zofran, not to mention the bills we have paid from ER trips, my hospital stay and Labor and Delivery trips. We've already paid upfront for baby girl to be delivered barring the need for a c-section or any extra medical care she needs, so things are going to start to feel a lot better around here.
14. Breastfeeding. Ok, so this list was just going to be about me...but really this is about me too. I was terrified of the idea when I first got pregnant and swore I wouldn't, but when you want the best for your little one it's hard to make an argument against it just because you're unfamiliar with it and scared. While I'm still a little terrified of learning how, I'm so looking forward to the bonding time. I'm going to cherish every moment I get to hold her close so I'll remember it when she hits middle school and wants nothing to do with me.
15. Starting a new chapter with Stephen. I can't imagine life without him. Our marriage has weathered a lot, not only in the past four years, but the past seven months! I can't wait to start this new family with him and where that takes us in our marriage. I never thought I could think him talking to my belly was the most attractive thing ever...I'm going to be even more of a goner when he gets down in the floor with her, picks her up and plays with her....awwwwwwwww.......

And...I'm going to leave it at that for now. If you have somethings you loved about not being pregnant, comment below so I can think about that too!

Next time I'll have to write a post about what I'm looking forward to about baby girl, but I honestly don't think there's enough time in the day!

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