Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 Days Old!

Sarah Grace is officially 5 days old today! Our first night home was a success. She only got us up about three times and I was still giddy enough to have her home that I didn't mind. The next day, Mimi got in town and boy, are we grateful for her help!
We're all just so smitten with Miss Sarah! She has been the most perfect baby. I feel like I was that pregnant lady that didn't want to hear about anyone's "perfect pregnancy"...I'm totally that mom that has the baby that only feeds two or three times a night. She only cries when she's hungry, so we have to be vigilant about dirty diapers because she doesn't let us know. She sleeps very well (takes after her mom that way.)It's like God's taking pity on me after such a rough pregnancy!

She continues to breastfeed well. I'm so glad I took a class on that as it has made our learning process so much easier. I've not had any issues other than a little tenderness.

I'm recovering slowly but surely. Right now, most of my pain is around the incision part and still soreness when getting up and down. I'm still taking pain medicine and an anti-inflammatory. I tried to get off the narcotics yesterday but it was clearly too early. I'm also having trouble breathing here and there. Taking nice deep breaths can be difficult. I try to cough as I was instructed to get the fluid out of my lungs, but it's painful to cough. I need a good deep productive cough and I can't seem to get one. Mom and Stephen remark that I'm sometimes very pale and I'm wondering if it has to do with my breathing. If I'm not any better by my follow up with Dr. Anderson on Tuesday I will address it with him.

In the meantime, our days have been filled with spoiling that sweet little girl. The first picture is the one of the first time she opened her eyes for any good period of time, but we got some good pictures today.
Here she is snuggling with her daddy. She loves him very much. One of the funniest things she does when she gets hungry and is cuddling with daddy, is she searches for a place to feed off of (aka a nipple). Stephen loves to give her lots and lots of kisses and she eventually opened wide and tried to root on to his nose. Well...I guess the tip is kind of pointy!

We stayed home from church this morning because the doctors really don't want her in large crowds for two months (or passed around much for the first two weeks - when she will get her first round of vaccines.) When we were told that - I asked the nurse if she wanted to tell the church that...I'm guessing though as she gets older, her pediatrician will be able to direct us better as to when we can get out.

She was however wide-eyed this morning, so Mimi and I put her in a cute outfit and took pictures.
Here are a few of our favorites...

I'm convinced she looks like a doll baby, but I know I'm biased. I just think she has the most perfect little face! We can't decide who she looks more like. I think she has Stephen's mouth, my nose..and every day I think the eyes are a toss up.

After this, she fed, we changed her diaper and she fell dead asleep.
Needless to say when she falls asleep like this on me, I melt into a puddle. It's also really easy to get sleepy myself. She must have had a good feeding that time because she let me sleep for a full three hours. We slept HARD and Momma really needed it. (See perfect baby...)

Thanks for all your congratulations and well wishes! We're still on cloud 9!

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