Monday, August 25, 2014

Mother's Day Out!

This is 15 month old Sarah on her first day to Mother's Day out at Faith Southwest here in Amarillo. She was SO proud to put on her backpack. She walked around like she was "the stuff" while it nearly drug the ground.

I could apologize for the lack of updates for the past, oh almost 10 months, but holy cow, is she a busy kid! I'm sure you understand.

At 15 months old, Sarah is an emphatic babbler. She knows a few words. The ones she uses are "Da da" and..."NO!" (which usually includes her shaking her hands back and forth in front of her face). She knows "Mama" but she knows lots of other ways to get my attention so she rarely uses it. She points to things and says "that." To which we rehearse "that's a yellow flower" or whatever it is she's trying to figure out.

Despite her lack of vocabulary, she tells some wild stories with amazing inflection and facial experessions. They usually go like this, "Dabadabadabadaba. Bububububub. Mimimimimammamam Dababaabdabadba" Then a pause that says and a cut of her eyes to me, as if to say "Did you get all that mom? Because it was REALLY important?"

She loves to pretend to read. Books are probably her favorite "toy" at this point. She has my personality, more over all the ones I'm not particularly proud of. Stubborness, independence and a lack of patience. Poor child, I'm sorry. But mostly I'm sorry because I'm sure that means to two of us will butt heads quite a bit when she grows up. Trust me, I'm the queen of stubborn and she's just my little princess. :-)

But she does have some of my good traits, like the ability to entertain herself with just about anything for long periods of time. I'm proud of that to this day as I don't remember a time when I was ever bored. She has also adopted the "Too much to see, so much to do" mentality I have.

Being mom has had it's challenges. Last night, I told Stephen I wish I could be a good stay at home momand devote all my time to Sarah. But I get antsy and feel like I have to work (aka make money because we all know parenting is work!) and do my part for the family finances. But I can't ever do anything part-time. Business got out of hand last week and I ended up getting overwhelmed. It's under control now, but I'm learning I have to say "no" sometimes and that's just not my strong suit.

Sarah makes every struggle worth it though. She is the sweetest, kindest soul already. Her smiles light up our world and giggles are infectous. Her hugs and kisses are coming more and more without solicitation. She has learned to bless us after we pray every night. In fact, the other night when Stephen was busy and I put her to bed myself, after we finished (I finished) the Lord's Prayer and said "Amen" she reached up with her cute little pointer finger and blessed me without me asking her. Granted, this morning as she noticed I had laid out her pink overalls, she wanted no part of being distracted by blessing us for the day because, she had pink overalls to put on. But those sweet little moments make me cherish her little developing personality.

She's also our little social butterfly. At the gym for childcare, she doesn't hesitate jumping in and the same happened today when I dropped her off at MDO. Before we got in the door she saw a little boy a little older than her. She ripped her hand out of my hand and ran off squealing toward her new friend. As we got in the door and saw more friends her age, I had to pick her up so I could figure out what we were doing because she wanted to go "talk" to her new friends SO bad. I set her down in her classroom to ask the teacher what to do with her stuff, and she ran to the other kid and started playing with her toys. I looked over at her and she was so engrossed with playing, I smiled and walked out. It wasn't until I got in the car that I realized I didn't kiss her goodbye, or tell her to have a good day or that I love her. But something tells me, she was just fine.

In a few minutes, I'll be picking up Sarah and we're meeting my friend Andrea and Sarah's friend Kaiya (who went to kindgergarten today) to celebrate our 'first day of school'. I won't be able to understand what any of Sarah's highs and lows are, but trust me, she'll be trying to tell me, and I'm thinking it will go like this. "Sarah what was your high?"... "There were SO many toys. There were kids my age, like Wyatt who I went to music class with. They let me play with crayons. I ate my lunch all by myself with no help from an adult." ..."Sarah what was your low?" .... "They wanted me to sleep on the floor on my nap mat. How was I supposed to sleep when there are so many other things I could be doing?? Did you see those blocks??"...