Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Sarah... (six months!!)

Dear Sarah...holy macaroni!


I'm not sure why this shocks me so much - just that maybe it took FOREVER for six months of pregnancy to pass and now you're such a sweet six-month old girl!

We have had such a fun month! Most of it included a long trip half way across the country for your Uncle John and Tia's wedding.

We first stopped for a quick visit with your Uncles Doug and Terry for some ultimate spoiling - if not too short of a stop!

Unfortunately - your Uncle Terry had to dash off and go to work quick on Thursday morning so we didn't get any pictures - but be sure - there will be plenty at Christmas!

Friday - at the rehearsal for Uncle John and Tia's wedding you wore a special outfit for your Unkie John.

I'll have you know at one point there was a matching blue and pink tu-tu and some silver sparkly shoes, but that was quickly aborted.

You also got to meet your great-Nana - that is MY Nana who could have just eaten you to pieces. Your Mimi has pictures of that. Unfortunately I was not so quick on the photo ops and have little in the way to post from the weekend.

Your Tia was beautiful as ever and your Uncle was quite handsome. I'm sure the professional pictures were do them more justice anyway.

One picture we didn't take is one I'm sure you'll be glad to know in the years to come - because I'm quite certain you won't live this story down - ever.

At the reception as we were eating our lovely salads -well, let me put it this way - you got your Dad good. You didn't just get him good - you got him all over. Yes, you pooped in your dad's lap something FIERCE. I was off talking to Mrs. Rhonda and Mr Mike - who kissed your elbow! - when your Mimi came over to tell me that the two of you may need some assistance in the hotel room.

I'm sure you'll hear the details of just how you got your dad until the day you die, especially the "that's a rather large stain" comment we got from the dry cleaners when we dropped his suit off - so I'll spare you here.

You didn't seem to care too much as you went down for a second round of partying until you decided it was way past your bedtime.

Your dad - who went back to the reception in blue jeans - laid you down on the bed after he carried you back and you didn't even bother rolling over. You just stayed there.

And despite the large amount of crap you shared that night - we still thought you were the most adorable thing ever.

What's just as adorable is your constant desire to master the art of crawling. You're SO close! You're finally figuring out you need to tuck your knees under you and move your hands, but every time you move your hands, you move them at the same time and end up flat on your belly. Nothing discourages you though - because you just pick yourself off the ground and try again. Then you wiggle your entire body back and forth on your hands and knees like if you do that long enough, surely you will move. It's so stinkin' cute!

You have now learned how to balance on three so it's only a matter of time before you learn how to scoot forward!

I thought you were growing like a weed last month - but you've trumped that - sometimes taking 12 ounces of a bottle and a jar of baby food in one sitting.

We recently started to get you on a three meal a day schedule with Oatmeal for breakfast and then a choice of peas, carrots, squash, green beans, or apple sauce as one of your entree's for the next two meals all followed by around an 8 ounce bottle. You eat like a horse but according to your doctors appointment this morning you are doing just fine.

You weight 14 lbs and 15 oz which leads me to believe that if I'd just fed you some bottle before you were weighed we could've called it 15 lbs even. You measure long and lean continuing steady on your own growth curve. I keep being asked what I'm going to do when you out grow me in 12 years. Let's just say, I know it's coming - and you will ALWAYS be my baby. ;-)

You are becoming more and more interactive with us and that has been so much fun. Any time you catch us in your eye you give us a grin to surpass all grins. Tonight, your dad came home from work. You heard his voice first, and looked at me quizzically like "Did I just hear Daddy?" He came around the corner, bent down and I led your eyes to look in his direction - and "OH!" A grin and a coo - "Thats my Dada!" you seemed to say with a little squeal! I mean - could you get any cuter?

When you're happy you suck in your bottom lip and let out a smack as if to say "Yep, this is alright." When you're especially amused, you giggle to the point of squealing which we're trying to find a way to discourage...not the giggling - but let's just say there's a little soprano in there that is not quite honed and whoo-- it's high!

When you're bored or just plain discontented, you let out a large audible sigh "Hurumph" As if to say "That's what I think about this..."

When you got your shots this morning you furrowed your brows and looked at me like "Well what was that - that wasn't so cool" the second one caught you off guard with a little whimper and by the third one you turned MAD, I mean angry, red face squealing crying mad. You looked at me like with brows furrowed "How could you let them do this to me!"

You are so full of expression it'll be interesting to hear what you have to say about things once you can use your words. There's not much guessing going on as it is! You've even developed this habit of getting upset when I try to coddle or rock you to sleep. Alas, you have enough of your mother in you that you have decided that when you're tired, you're tired and you just want to be laid down in your crib. I'm trying not to blame you since I understand it so much myself. *Sniff* but it is a little hard to take sometimes...

Must of all I just continue to be enamored with you.

I love you SO much!