Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two Weeks Old!

Sweet Sarah Grace turned two weeks old yesterday and we made a day of it! First, with her two week check-up at Dr. Young's office.

Sarah had been having a lot of gas and very frequent bowel movements (she can thank me later for posting about this publically...) so we called the on call line the night before and were told to give her pedialite through the night until we could get to Dr. Young at our regularly scheduled check-up the next morning.

We thought Sarah had been growing despite the tummy upset and we were right! We've noticed her face filling out and her clothes fitting a little better. She was up from 5 lbs 10 oz to 6 lb 4 oz. and had grown a whole inch. Since she's been mostly breastfed, I feel like I deserve an award for having enough breastmilk to have her growing on target! I have heard so many friends having problems with supply, but the growth indicates that she's getting all the milk she needs from me! (Now if I could just keep it from making her so uncomfortable!)

Dr. Young interestingly enough asked me if there was something I had added or taken away from my diet since her stomach became so upset. I'm a pretty regular eater as of late...especially because we've had a lot of leftovers, but on Saturday, Papa asked for Mimi to bring home a dessert, and she brought red velvet cake. Knowing of some friends with food coloring allergies I suggested that and Dr. Young concurred it was likely the culprit. So I was instructed to pump and dump for 24 hours since my last slice of cake (I really hadn't had much of a taste for it anyway...) and switched her to soy formula in the meantime.

She did well on the soy formula. I did less well dumping about 10 oz of breastmilk down the drain. (I now understand the phrase "Don't cry over spilt milk." That's harder than it sounds...)

Because her feeding schedule got off a little the night before on the pedialyte (she ate a lot more frequently) I ended up staying up a lot later to get that first breast feeding after the fast.

There had been storms in the area south of us, but they weren't expected to come to Amarillo and to be honest I really didn't pay much attention to it. I was exhausted and ready to get to at 10:45 I fed her burped and changed until she was comfortable and sleepy...stayed a little extra longer to make sure she was good and asleep before I put her down. Success at 11:00! Quite impressive if I do say so myself!

I drug my tired body in the bed...curled up to my warm sleeping husband, pulled the covers under my chin. Let out a contented sigh and then...


No it wasn't the baby. It was the tornado sirens.

Mind you we had been talking about our emergency plan since the tornados in Oklahoma (which was only about four hours from us if you need a reference), so we knew we were going to pile into our small master bedroom closet which is one of the only interior places in the house without windows.

I shot up out of that bed, practically shoved Stephen yelling "Stephen it's the tornado sirens, GET UP and go!!" I ran and picked up Sarah and then ran down the hall bursted in the guest room where mom was sleeping and again in a panic said "Mom it's the tornado sirens, get up, let's go!"

We grabbed all the pillows we could and our cell phones and huddled in that closet keeping in touch with weather updates on our phones. Meanwhile, Sarah who I was so worried about waking up when I laid her down - slept in my lap cradled on a pillow - SOUND asleep the whole time. Through tennis ball hail coming down like our house was being stoned.

Mom took a picture to document the occasion of all four of us curled up in the closet and I prayed it would be nothing more than a memory of the time the tornado sirens went off when Sarah was two weeks old and we were all okay.

Since we were all in our pj's that one is going in the family book, not online - sorry folks! ;-)

There was a period of time where it got really calm and quiet. I just prayed that wasn't a sign of bad things to come, but shortly after the news channel reported they were headed out of the studio to a safe place. (This morning they were featured on the Today show and NBC nightly news forcasting from the bathroom...) Apparently a funnel cloud either touched down or came really close to the studio. The studio as a crow flies is probably not more than a mile from us. I'm wondering if that funnel cloud passed over us first.

By midnight, the threat was declared over. Sarah had slept through it all. Mom and Dad then got up all through the night with her since she was later wide awake. We made sure to tell her we didn't sleep through the storm and would appreciate it if she would calm down and sleep. She didn't seem to understand.

It was another one of those days were I was thankful Mimi was still here to watch her so I could get some sleep.

She also let Stephen and I take a date night. We went to Napoli's (a local Italian restaurant) which went by all too quickly even with dessert. Since I hadn't been out much, we decided not to go straight home and went to...wait for it...the most romantic of all places...Sam's Club. That's right, we went to Sam's. There were some shorts I'd gotten there about a week before Sarah was born. They were great, but now fall down to my I wanted to get a smaller size. Plus, we were out of graham crackers and nutella. That really can't happen in our household.

All in all it was only a little over an hour and a half we were gone, but the adult conversation was good for me. Even if it did include a little about Sarah.

And now...again, the moment you've been waiting for...

 Sarah and sleeping on her Daddy's shoulder. So incredibly sweet. I could eat them both with a spoon!

Sarah really likes to be walked and bounced. When we need to get work done we put her in the swing. But don't be fooled...if she wants to be walked and bounced, the swing is NOT the same. She got a little fussy in the doctors office while we were waiting on Dr. Young. I walked back and forth in the room and bounced and said to Sarah "Oh we love to walk and bounce don't we!" to which Stephen said..."You need to say "I" for her, unless you like to walk and bounce too." I replied..."If she's quiet and happy, I LOVE to walk and bounce!"

Hopefully, we'll get this stomach thing figured out soon...

This is that sweet sleepy face we like!

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