Wednesday, February 13, 2013

::Little Stinker, stay PUT!::

It has been an interesting turn of events. Yesterday, I was told to go into Labor and Delivery after experiencing contractions about five minutes apart - out of no-where, I might add.

We had such an excellent report at 20 weeks I was hesitant to report but when they started getting rhythmic I decided now wasn't the time for second guessing. Fortunately, I have a very proactive team at my OB office and they did not second guess either and sent me right on up to the third floor of BSA.

Stephen and I, me in particular because it's less my personality, remained eerily calm until we had some answers from the doctors, but we got some fairly scary news from the nurses first. I'm currently at 23 weeks (most of my family reading out there knows I was born a miracle at 27 weeks - so naturally I leaned on mom for some comforting advice). For a baby to be considered viable they want you to be at 24 weeks because there is a lot of lung development that happens this week.

The nurses (two of whom checked me) said they thought they felt that I was dilated and in some ways I think the RN was a little more nervous for me than I was. Mom and I decided God provides the calm because that's exactly what mom and baby need. She was also calm with me. I can't help but think this little girl and I have been through so much together already, surely this isn't the end!

Again, because of the great team of care I was surrounded by, after a sonogram with no clear distinction on dilation or how much, they did not hesitate to call the doctor on call - which fortunately was my doctor whom I love and trust. He checked me and did two different types of sonograms to confirm I'm NOT dilated and we all breathed a little easier. However, the contractions had not stopped so blood work and iv fluids were ordered to see if maybe dehydration was factor.

I did not think it was because I've had fluids enough this pregnancy to know what dehydration feels like. My veins were easy to do an IV and after the bag was done in a half hour, I was about to die to pee. As a reference point, sometimes it took hours after I got fluids in the ER...

But confident things weren't changing and or progressing they sent me home (which is currently a hotel five minutes down the road since our kitchen isn't finished with the remodel) with the promise I would call if I continued to have contractions or anything changed.

It calmed down after I had dinner and went to bed, but I woke up with contractions again at 3:00 am and laid awake as they continued in a less severe, less rhythmic pattern, but their none-the-less. I woke up again about 5:00 am with them and then again around 7:30 when Stephen's alarm went off, so as soon as the doctors office was open, I called again.

I was sent to Labor and Delivery again and this little stinker is causing her daddy problems on Ash Wednesday of all days! With a service at noon, I drove myself and told Stephen I would call him  or text if there was an update or an emergency. Dr. Anderson happened to be in surgery at the hospital and had been briefed that I was back.

My contractions proved present, but less severe and we waited word from him on what to do next. After about two hours, he ordered a couple tests, one for Strep B which is a strain of strep found in the rectum and or vaginal cavity (sorry for the details) which can cause preterm and delivery problems. The other (and this test is really cool!) is a test that can predict if you're going into labor in the next two weeks, however you have to have not had your cervix checked for 24 hours (which I had about three times the night before) so I am getting that test done tomorrow morning. It's not always accurate, but can be an good indicator in whether or not more aggressive treatments like steroids for growth or progesterone need to be administer to help baby grow quicker.

I will follow up with the doctor on Friday and have been put on bed rest until then. What I'm hearing right now,is that I'm not in immediate danger of going into labor but the contractions are worrisome that I may go into preterm labor sometime in the near future that we want to stave off as long as possible and in particular AT LEAST until next week.

Again, I'm oddly calm and Stephen is taking things in stride as well. All we can do is sit, wait and follow the directions for bed rest and fluid intake and pray she stays put because the rest we don't have control over.

I'm trying not to think too much about the kitchen not being done, or how I might organize a kitchen while on bed rest or whether or not I'm going to actually get to sew things for the nursery. It all seems a little trivial anyway. I just want my little girl whom I love so much already to stay put and quit misbehaving! Well, she can keep misbehaving by kicking me as much as she wants because that and her strong heartbeat are definitely helping me keep my wits! I can't help but think with a Ward disposition she's got to be as stubborn as her mamma to be in this world and hopefully she got an ounce or two of Friedrich patience to stay in long enough to give herself a fighting chance!

She received ashes from her daddy today when he brought some to me. I told her she would return to dust in due time but a LONG, LONG time from now - SO STAY PUT! Dad seconded the though and keeps telling her she needs to keep her hands, feet, bottom, head and everything else well inside her mamma until we're and the world are good and ready for her on the outside!

We are doing ok, for now. I am allowed to get up to shower, make food and use the bathroom which is a little more self-sufficient than I was back at the beginning of the pregnancy, so hey, there's a bright side! We do ask for your prayers as an army of prayers surrounding us has gotten us so far already. Our biggest hope is that this is all a fluke and she stays where she is for a while with me just dealing with contractions intermittently or not at all. Most of all, we're just praying our hearts out, telling baby girl how loved she is and trusting that God is in control.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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