Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby girl, you're my favorite valentine!

Dear Baby Girl,

You have been kicking up a storm today. I was nervously waiting on a test being done to tell me if you're coming soon or not and you kept kicking the heart monitor. It made me giggle and cut my nerves in half - thank you.

Today is Valentines Day. You will probably learn it's about love for another person. That butterfly feeling in your stomach when you really like someone and want to tell them. I have felt that way about your dad for nine years now...well ok, I'll be honest, a little longer than that because he took some convincing! But today, I have love for you different than the romantic love I have for your dad. I have love for you that I have never imagined and you don't even have to make an fact I hope you don't! (At least for a while)

For the longest time, I agonized over taking medicine for fear it would harm you, but I decided to stay on something to help me keep happy and calm so that you might have a better chance to grow strong and healthy. But you threw me for a loop when you made me so sick. In fact, you made me throw all those worries out the window because all I wanted was my sweet little baby to grow healthy and strong, and after I stopped throwing up all those good nutrients I was trying to give you, I was convinced those medicines were for the best. I still think they were because otherwise we wouldn't have made it this long!

I'll admit I was afraid something would be wrong with you. Maybe you wouldn't have five fingers or five toes, maybe you wouldn't see or hear well...maybe you would have a hard time living life on your own. But now, I could care less and I vow to protect and love you and take care of you for as long as you need me. (Which if you're anything like me...that will be a long time because your Mimi has been a big helper during this pregnancy with you, and I am taking a wild guess she'll only be more help in the future!)

Truth is, I don't care how you come out as long as your alive and able to breath and have a heartbeat that is all your own. I hope you stay inside me long enough for that to happen and the longer the better. I can protect you and take good care of you and as your mom who loves you SO much, I want nothing more for you!

For the record, you've already captured your dad's heart too. You don't know this but he gave you a pep talk to stay in there before I went for a test this morning. You are so loved and this Valentines Day, not only are your mommy and daddy filled to the brim with love so is the rest of your family who can't wait to meet you in due time. 

I wish you could understand this love and I bet you will someday when you have your own little one...when your thirty in a strong relationship with someone. ;-)

Happy Valentines Day, baby girl.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


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