Thursday, February 7, 2013

A fantastic report!

Monday brought an excellent report from the doctor. Baby girl is measure in the 50th percentile on almost everything. (For those of you like me that had to ask what that meant - she is growing right down the average growth rate for her age of 20 weeks when the ultrasound was done.) Her arms, legs and vital organs look great and the thing I'm excited about - she's measuring neither too big (THANK YOU JESUS!) or too small.

I know lots of people have C-sections but I would prefer to avoid recovering from major surgery and figuring out this whole baby thing at the same time, so not having a baby that's measure big makes me SO thankful...I'm not that big of a person myself! I just hope nothing comes up in labor to require it...but lots of other tough mammas have made it so if it comes down to that, I'm sure I'll make it through.

Her kicks are getting more powerful in that I'm feeling minute movements as opposed to just intense jabs. I tried to see if Stephen could feel it on the outside but she kept wiggling away from his hand. Maybe in a few more weeks...should I be secretly happy she might be a mommy's girl? :-) I don't know...I have a prediction she might get Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Because I lost so much weight being sick at the beginning of pregnancy, I've only gained three pounds at this point. I was so shocked because my belly popped - I feel huge and was so sure I'd gained ten pounds. I can also tell I'm holding my body differently and my back, knees and ankles definitely feel like they are holding extra weight, or at least weight differently. I have found my maternity belt takes a lot of pressure off my back and supports the weight of the belly. Little weight gained or not, I can tell carrying a baby on my small frame is already taking its toll, and I'm not looking forward to getting bigger.

Since baby girl is measuring average and healthy no one is concerned about the weight and it's not like I didn't get into this situation with a little extra padding anyway. The third trimester brings the most of the weight anyway so I'm glad things haven't gotten out of control so far.

The next few things coming up is the test for gestational diabetes and blood work in about three weeks. I'm pretty nervous as I still regularly deal with some nausea which sugar doesn't help. If I have something on my stomach other than pure sugar I do ok, but drinking a sugary concoction made to jack up your sugar makes me nervous. The OB is very understanding and for the first hour is starting me on the lowest dose to produce results. He also told me to pre-medicate right before I come with the Zofran and Reglan so the strongest dose is still in my system. I'm trying to think positive!

Everyone keeps asking us about names. We have a few in mind and have mostly been going down the traditional route, but we're keeping them to ourselves. :-) Although people generally mean the best, I don't want anyone ruining our thoughts on names and with a whole church supportively waiting on edge in addition to friends and family members, it's just too much! We're thinking we'll go in with two or three and chose one when we meet her, anyway.

Thanks for your prayers and keeping us with us! Keep 'em coming!

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