Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Merry White Christmas again! That's right, Amarillo was greeted with snow on Christmas day along with what we consider to be bitter temperatures. When we woke up to walk over to church for the Christmas day service, it was 9 degrees with a windchill of -1. BURRR!!!

But as you can see, it provided quite the picturesque scene!

It did provide a little aggrivation as we did not get out to Knoxville on Christmas day, but after the chaos of trying to refund and rebook flights to get to Knoxville in the near future, we took a nap, then headed over to the Coggins for some dinner and games! Not a bad Christmas day afterall!

The next day was pretty rough. We ended up having to fly into Nashville and Jim and Craig picked us up for the three hour drive to Knoxville. The weather caused some nasty turbulance and some not so great landings and so needless to say, I was thankful for the polite passengers and those airline vomit bags.

We finally got to Knoxville in time to see some of Stephen's family. We had dinner with his Grandma Joan (pronounced JoAnn) opened some presents from his family and had a good time catching up. Top gifts were the jello mold kit from Mary Sue and Maggie (someone's been reading the blog!!) and the lack of cutco knives from the Parker family in replacement of Texas ornaments. What can we say, Nancy has some smart sisters!!

The next day we got to spend time with Stephen's Uncle Mark, Sue and cousin Michael, and his other grandparents, Roland and Mitzie. I got to hear some fun stories involving Stephen, rockets, a skateboard and lots of padding. Sadly, we don't think there are pictures. I still can't figure out why the oldest cousin let the younger cousin shoot rockets at him while slaloming down a hill on a skateboard, but hey, to each their own fun!

We took a side trip to walgreens because my insurance only fills my favorite Zofran medicine 12 at a time, but it was a nice trip because we immediately felt at home.

Photo: Welcome to East TN

I'm sure you can only imagine why! Smokey and the rest of the Volunteer nation will have it's newest biggest fan come football 2013 this year! I think baby Friedrich will bring some good luck to the new coach!

Other present highlights included this from my brother John and soon to be S-I-L Cat.

Baby's first stuffed animal! If this baby is anything like me, it's going to love something soft and cuddly to curl up with. I had about a ba-ZILLION stuffed animals. My favorite was when mom made them come to life and talk to me in the mornings to wake me up. I will be carrying on the tradition!

Speaking of mom, I found this addresed to me from her.

It became somewhat of a family joke that I was going to do anything everyone else could do all by myself, thank you VERY much! I loved this book, as you can imagine why!

I have had good days and bad days, but the bad days are relative because food has still stayed down. The fun development this week has been the ever changing baby bump! When baby is low, I still just look a little chunky in the middle, but on New Years Eve, baby migrated up and I had the cutest little bump that seemed to come from nowhere. Now I know to take a picture next time that happens as the baby has migrated further down since then, but still my little baby bump seems to have a slightly different shape every day. That is defininately fun to see!

Yesterday I felt very queasy and worn out and tired. I have learned the more I do, the sicker I feel and am learning to heed the advice of other HG moms not to push myself to over do to much at a time. Consequently I missed the chance to see some other Knoxville friends which left me rather bummed, but I can only continue to be thankful that food is staying down. I've even gained two pounds back! (The only time I'm happy to gain weight!!)

Tomorrow we head back to Texas feeling grateful for the time with family and Stephen for the time off as well! Prayers for smoother plane rides will be much appreciated!

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