Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting used to a girly world!

I'm up early so I thought a blog update might be a good choice!

Many of you have asked if everything looked OK with our girl since my pregnancy has been so rough. Thank you so much for your concern! The tech couldn't tell us much other than gender and that we're still looking at a June due date. However, we did see a her heart with a strong healthy heartbeat. Measurements were taken of her head, arms and legs, and we have good pictures of her stomach, kidneys and other organs. While she hid her face, what we saw of her face looked healthy with to me, no signs of a cleft palette which at the point in my pregnancy when I took the steroids wasn't really anything more than a very mild concern. We were also told that we would be called before our two week follow up if anything of major concern was found. So far so good! We see the doctor for a comprehensive explanation on the fourth of February.

I still deal with mild nausea and have remained on the medication needed to help me keep food down. In the past two weeks my baby bump has expanded to show a healthy looking bump! It looks pretty big in this picture, but she was also sitting rather high. I look a little more deflated depending on where she decides to be. I prefer when she's a little lower because I get out of breath a lot quicker when she's high...phew, and I'm only halfway! They keep telling me at the doctors office it's just the nature of my body to be uncomfortable so early because there's just nowhere for her to go. Oh well, I'm shaped just like my grandma and she gave birth to three children so I'm sure I can do it if she did! Mom passed on that my aunts even said grandma had been a few weeks late. Yikes! At least they have technology to induce now!
Photo: Baby girl bump! 20 wks 6 days!

Stephen and I are still trying to process the news of our little girl. I've told several people this, but it's so contrary to how envisioned my family. With Friedrich male-dominated genetics on our side, I always pictured being a mom of a group of boys, which I didn't really mind with the exception of wanting to sew for a little girl.

With my own family structure in mind, it's also hard to picture a girl being the oldest, as I was the youngest. Being the younger sibling of a brother shaped me in ways I never really noticed until I started thinking about it. My "can-do" attitude, anything John can do I can do, tomboyish nature all came from my overwhelming love of my brother who I looked up to. I also always felt like I was taken care of because if anyone ever messed with me, well, I'd just sic my older brother on them and they'd be sorry! Of course, I would have never admitted any of this!

All of this pondering has come forth as I imagine what our girl will be like. Will she be athletic and like to kick soccer balls like her dad? Or play softball like her mom? Or will she take in my footsteps and love music and realize to do it well sports have to take a back seat? What about sewing? Will I get to share that with her or will she think it's lame? Will she soar through academics like dad, or work really hard for those B's and sometimes A's like her mom? Patient and laid back like her dad, or impatient and high strung like mom? (PLEASE BE LIKE DAD!!) She sure has two parents who were VERY shy as children! Or will she be completely different than both of us and leave us flabbergasted?

One thing is for sure, while she's little, she's going to have a lot of girly looking stuff! When I went to register, I was thinking I would get gender neutral things for the big ticket items like the stroller and pack and play and anything else that might be reused. But everything was so clearly gender dominated. It looked either very girly or very boyish.  Several of my friends are pregnant or hoping to be that way or have been helping other pregnant friends, and one in particular made an interesting point. It used to be that people bought these items out of necessity before the baby was born and before they knew what they were having. Now people find out so early the retail market has accommodated and I've helped them by registering for everything girly from strollers to burp cloths! I guess I didn't realize how excited I was until I was told it was a girl!

Oh well, protocols and products change so quickly as to what's "good" or "bad" for the baby by the time we get ready for another everything may be outdated anyway.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We're so thankful everything is looking so good so far! Keep 'em coming!

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