Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A letter to our baby girl...

Dear Baby Girl,

You dad and I are OVER the moon today! Although we "met" you once before around the time you were eight weeks in my womb, you looked like a little peanut and I thought to myself "Really? That little thing is what's making me so sick?"

Today, not only did we find out you were going to be a girl, we saw you in the most life-like way! I cannot stop smiling or looking at pictures of your ultrasound. Your dad and I, several hours later are still downright giddy! You were shy with your face, but we saw the cutest profile of your little nose and you had your mouth open. I can't wait to kiss that face!

One of my favorite parts, was when we saw the tiniest little hand up on the screen clinch into a fist and open again - out little girl waving hello! I didn't know I could be so in love with a little hand!

I'm hoping you get your dad's patience, because your mom has none. I want you here, healthy and well-- now, and we're only half-way! It's a miracle how much love God has given me for you in my heart. No doubt you'll learn at a very young age how much God loves you, but God has also put a mom and dad in your life that already think you are the greatest thing EVER - and will spend lots of time reminding you how much you are loved, by us and your creator. Your dad even blesses you ever night.

I told Mr. Cat he was getting a sister. He didn't seem too impressed, but you'll learn soon enough not to be too disappointed. He doesn't get too excited over anything but food, water and a good head rub.

We also talked to your grandparents today and told them about you. They can't believe you're a girl, as your dad has a history of boys in his family - but everyone is STILL so excited. My dad, your Papa - even giggled a little, and as you will learn really quickly, your Mimi squealed over her baby grandgirl. Your Nana got teary eyed, but don't worry she's not sad - she's just REALLY happy. Your Grampa Jimbo told your dad to be prepared to be outnumbered. I had a laugh over that. As you can tell everyone is so excited to meet you and love is something you will never be without!

Despite my impatience, you be sure to take your time and grow strong and healthy. We will be anxiously awaiting your arrival in June!

With more love than I ever knew possible,
Your Momma

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  1. SO freakin' excited! Really tickled with the grandparent names. Daniel and I saw the family out to dinner at Brixx not too long after you announced your pregnancy and I sat them down and told them that I had a really serious question for them that they needed to deeply consider...what they wanted to be called by their grandchildren;) I'm really obsessed with all the fabulous grandparent titles that exist. Nana and Grampa Jimbo have me really tickled;) Much love!