Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Sarah month 2

Dear Sarah,

Oh how life is so blessed because of you! I am honored to be a stay at home mom with you.

This month you have begun to develop even more of your own personality. Your smiles happen all the time all day long and you are a most happy baby! (With a few exceptions...)

Most notably, while your Mimi and Papa came to visit you for the second time...you got well, a little stopped up. The doctor suggested we give you Karo syrup (that is dark corn syrup) in a bottle three times a day...we called it your milkshake. You took it like champ the way you've always taken the things we have fed you thus far...granted...sweetened milk was probably the most yummy of alternatives!

You can thank your Papa and Mimi for staying up with you twice while they were here so we could rest. You can also thank your Papa for telling us that when you turn 18 and think you know everything...we can tell you at one point, you were full of shit. I thanked him for that and said we could also tell you that you developed a foul mouth because of your grandparents. (For the record, if you talk to me like that, I will not have that shit.) You are going to be the future presiding Bishop of the ELCA after all...foul language need only be used when there is no alternative.

Moving on...

You spend a decent amount of the day awake these days. We have fun dancing together. We talk a lot. I promise when you get older I won't put so many words in your mouth. With a little help, you love to sit up during the conversations. Occasionally, you prefer to stand (while holding onto me for balance). Your little legs wobble and your head bobbles back and forth which only adds that much more cuteness and animation to our conversations.

You also love the changing table. When you were first born, you hated to be naked. Now I think you'd rather it be that way all the time. You get all silly, giggly and happy when we take your diaper off. And just so you don't get to thinking running around naked is the best thing ever when you're older. I always remind you that ladies always wear underwear...and real ladies keep it hidden.

One thing that warms my heart especially, is how calm you get when music is played. You like it when both your dad and I sing to you. Last night, you got your own personal concert from me and drifted peacefully off to sleep. I hope you continue to appreciate music as you get older...it's a big part of how our family operates.

I still can't get enough kisses. We play the kissing game almost all day. I "steal" kisses from you...although when you're in the mood to play, you don't make it much of a challenge. You've learned to turn your head for the other cheek to be kissed. You also let out the biggest grin.

You love to be held and because of this love you have for us...you are so not a fan of peek-a-boo.

Tonight, I accidentally cut your thumb while cutting your fingernails. True to form, you cried a little, but then decided it wasn't that big of a deal. For the record, I cried harder and longer for hurting you. I'm still sorry. And years from now when you finally read these letters, I'll still feel bad.

Thank you for your smiles, your kisses and the drool you leave on me while you're napping. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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