Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 months old!

Oh, hi. My name is Sarah and I am two months old, and the cutest thing you ever did see! 

Our sweet baby girl turned two months old on July 14th. At her 2 month check-up she weight 10 lbs and is a whopping 22 inches long! (I like to think she's going to be tall like her daddy!). This also occurred while Mimi and Papa came back to Amarillo for a visit. This means a lot of pictures - and first, we must show a few more of the two month old photo shoot.

You can tell, Sarah is much better at holding her head up. Thus, these pictures were a little easier to take than last month! 

"Mom you said sit still!"
"Hi daddy!"
"I'm done with this photoshoot."

At two months old Sarah is:
  • Holding her head up for fairly long periods of time.
  • Talking up a storm. It only makes sense to her, with the exception of the one night when she said "Hey" to her Mimi. It's on video, and we hope to post it soon.
  • Smiling a lot. Especially when you go to pick her up after a long nights sleep or a nap. Melts our hearts everytime.
  • Giggles
  • Loves sitting up like a big girl. (With some assistance)
  • Tracks lots of things with her eyes, including the chain that hangs down from the ceiling fan.
  • Seems to recognize Stephen and I as Mommy and Daddy and calms down much easier with us than others.
  • Sleeps longer stretches on most nights, four to five hours. (Thank you, Lord Jesus.)
  • She really loves the changing table. It is almost as though its the best place in the house. Fanning in the breeze and being naked which were once barely tolerable are now among the top things in life. 
  • Has a vice grib with her hand. She enjoys using it to grab Mommy's hair. 
  • She loves to stick out her tongue.
  • Loves kiss attacks. (Where Stephen and I kiss her over and over. She even sometimes turns her cheeks to each side so they have their turn.)
  • Continues to be the most adorable baby on the face of the planet.
And because I said there were lots of pictures...

 "No worries about the cat getting this tongue!"

"Why yes, I do have chubby cheeks. Why do you ask?"

 "I am quite the big girl, if I do say so myself."

Every now and then I stick my firsts out and roll them like I'm riding a motorcycle. I heard my Uncle John just got one some I'm practicing so I can ride one like him one day. "Vroom, vroom."

The happy Amarillo Friedrich's!

And yes, Mimi did come visit too. It just so happens Papa was a big 'ol hog with his baby girl he calls "Big Stuff". We promise we will make him stop when she becomes a teenager. There is a tight bond between those two.

Mimi and I decided Sarah is very much like us however, since I took her to the mall today for about three hours while I was waiting on my car being serviced at Sears. She was amazing. We fed twice, had three diaper changes, walked around the mall, snacked on a cookie (well I did...) all while being happy as a can be to take a stroll. Indeed, learning to love to shop is a Ward must. Glad she's learning early.

The baptism is coming up August 11th! Hope to see you all soon! 

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