Friday, June 21, 2013

1 Month Old!

Wow! It is a lot harder to update the blog these days - but for good reason! Sarah turned one month old on June 14th...a week ago! I'm a little late posting on her one month birthday, but better now than never, right?

We are taking a cue from some friends of ours, the Titus family - who just welcomed their second girl, Miriam (YAY!) - who took pictures of their first daughter Ashleigh with a book that had the number of months old Ashleigh was. At one month - our pictures weren't as pretty as we remember Ashleigh's being, but after a gazillion takes, here are some of the best...and worst!
At first, it was ok...propping a baby up is hard to do when she's become such a wiggle worm. Not able to sit up on her own soon...this is what happened. (And yes we are bad parents, we both sat there and snapped pictures...)

 Help!!! I'm falling! She teetered there for a second and we thought she might be able to swing herself back in the corner...but...

 Nope...She ended up here...just hanging there like "Mom...Dad...really...this isn't cool."

So we propped her back up and got this annoyed face.
Then she started yawning...she was so over this whole picture thing...
And so...finally...this was the best we could get!
At one month Sarah is...
- Eating about every two-three hours and growing like a weed!
- Constantly tagging Mom and Dad when we go to change her diapers
- Starting to enjoy bath time...warm water isn't so bad after all! (Maybe this is why she keeps peeing and pooping all over herself and us! My daughter is a GENIOUS!)
- Has decidedly blue eyes (for now...)
- Stays awake for about an hour or two at a time and loves to play! (Except from about 8:30pm-midnight...then she stays awake and cries and cries, nurses, sleeps, wakes up and cries some more...)
- Enjoys a stroller ride around the block with mom and dad
- Loves to be in the Moby with mom all snuggled and warm (and Dad too but he won't admit that wears the Moby...shhhhhh)
- Enjoys a good song sung to her from Mom or Dad (and finds comfort in hearing their voice- MELTING OUR HEARTS!)
- Focuses more when she sees our face and engages with us when we speak to her

This is my favorite picture of her doing just that. I'm trying to calm her and tell her that her eyelids are getting heavy. (We just finished nursing and I'm trying to burp her...) The lights were off, her sound machine was on and it was about 10:45pm. I was greeted with this energetic face and quickly told Stephen to flip the lights on and bring me my phone so I could take a picture.
"Hi mom...I know I just nursed and you want to go to sleep, but isn't it fun to bob your head back and forth? You're the best mom ever, you don't need to sleep, you need to stay awake with me, right??" 
When I disagreed...the wailing began, but this is about the cutest face I've ever seen,'s hard to be mad.
Next week she will go for her six week check-up and we will finally figure out how much she has grown, but as a reference, here is a picture of her from three days old, to just a few days ago.

She is already starting to bust out of a few of her newborn onsies! I keep telling her she can slow it down. If she's Dad's daugther, she'll keep growing. If she's my daughter...she'll keep growing because she's stubborn and I told her not to. ;-)

That's all for now folks!


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  1. Awesome! And tell Stephen there's no shame in wearing his daughter in the Moby! David wore Joaquin as often as I did at that age!!! There's a special place in heaven for babywearing Dads!!! Ya'll are doing a great job.