Sunday, April 14, 2013

32 weeks! Almost...

Hello world! Thought it might be time for an update. If I go by the latest ultrasound, I'm 32 weeks, if I go by my original due date which has not been officially changed, it will be tomorrow.

I am feeling the third trimester! Since my last post I feel as though my baby bump has grown as much as it did in the entire 2nd trimester. Okay, I may be slightly exaggerating, but bottom line - this girl is growing like crazy!

Tuesday we will have another regular doctors appointment and I'll be curious to hear if this new found growth is "normal" for that ounce or more they grow everyday at this stage or if she's just taking off. My sugars are still doing well (PRAISE BE TO GOD!) so that's something to celebrate. My body on the other hand is having a hard time handling such rapid change.

For the past two days I have felt as if she is almost boring down into my hips and pelvis. Sciatica is deep in my left leg even though she seems to have shifted more to the middle based on where I feel her kicks. Last night I almost felt like she was pushing against my spine and my toes started to tingle - to which I seriously started to question if you can have temporary paralysis from pregnancy, but I shifted my position in bed and she shifted as well (for once!) and feeling returned to my toes.

Yesterday I almost got a sit-n-shop at the grocery store because my back hurt so bad and my hips felt so tight it was hard to walk. It ended up being very crowded and I didn't trust my maneuvering skills since I've never used one...but then I was walking so slow I felt like I was in the way regardless! I just trust people are empathetic to a large pregnant woman. And if they're not, they really don't want to cross me...;-) 

Eating can sometimes feel like a chore. Depending on where she is, I feel as though there is no room in my stomach for much. Today we went to our usual Sunday afternoon spot, Fernandos and I did a pitiful job eating my usual stuffed avacados. (Leftovers tomorrow!) I still didn't have much room for dinner and couldn't even think about a mid-afternoon snack!

There is good news however. She kicks me like CRAZY. It may sound annoying, but I enjoy it. It's a constant reminder that this is all for the good. If you were following on facebook you may have heard I've started to call her Thumper. Sometimes she has these fast repetitive movements that feel like a rabbit in my belly! It's so funny, because not only does it feel strange, you can see my entire belly vibrate.

Last night I was playing a game on my kindle which conveniently sits up on my stomach and turned on the radio and she started dancing to the music and my kindle almost fell off my belly. Fun times! I'm going to see if I can get a video of it next time so we can show her when she's older.

I enjoy it when Stephen gets to put his hand on me and feel her. Sometimes he puts his head down and mouths into my belly to talk to her. It's pretty darn adorable and even more so when I feel her react to it.

Another good thing is braxton-hicks have subsided some what. I'm trying so hard to stay hydrated and it seems to work. I am not getting the gallon they recommend, but I hardly think anyone could. Every time I go somewhere I always make a point to know where the bathrooms are and try not to stray to far. And if the back and hip pain don't keep me up at night getting up to use the bathroom certainly does! I still think it's a good trade off to warding off contractions though!

The rest of the week we are looking forward to Craig and Caroline coming in for the weekend. After getting the nursery put together and then re-doing my sewing room, the front bedroom remains a dumping ground until we get things put back in place. We're working hard to make it at least tolerable for Caroline. I also went and got new pillows. That's what happens when the pregnant lady in the house steals all the pillows! I currently sleep with four or five...

I'm hoping some of this uncomfortableness will subside while they're here so I'm not such a Debbie-downer. The big thing to show off is the canyon and while they go bike-riding I was hoping to walk around with them some, but I am impossibly slow! I keep thinking about my mother-in-law hiking Charlie's Bunion (which for those of you's probably a good 3-4 miles uphill just on the way out) and begin to pray my daughter gets some of her height because that's the only way I can figure Nancy was able to do that at 8 months! I waddle like a penquin on flat ground and if I have to walk around something, I feel like I might tip over and have Stephen just roll me like humpty-dumpty!

If anything interesting happens at the Doc on Tuesday I'll be back for another update, but for now- That's all folks! Hope you are all doing well and we thank you still for your prayers!

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