Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Months

 Dear Sarah,

While part of me wants you to stay little for ever and ever - I'll say it once, and I'll say it again! The joy each new month brings with each new little milestone is so much fun.

This month was chalk full of amazing firsts!

We have videos of you trying almost every new food. Rice cereal hurts your tummy. Green beans are yucky. Peas are okay but you like avocados, carrots, butternut squash and most of all apples.

In fact, you love apples SO much that you learned how to grab your spoon and hold onto it so tight that it's hard to get it away from you! But much to your surprise unlike a bottle, after a while there were no more apples on that spoon! Confused you give a little cry and furrow your little eyebrows until I can wiggle that spoon from your vice grip and give you more.

You pack away more food than I ever imagined someone your size could do. Consequently, you have grown like crazy this month! You're officially out of 3 month clothing. You have been long for quite sometime, so I figured all that eating would just fill you out a bit. All that good nutrition is going to work though because not only have you filled out, you're still growing long and strong!

You love to bounce and twist and dance. The more movement the happier you seem to be! Your Baby Einstein jumper is your favorite place to be.

  Your giggles are SO infections. In fact, I'm afraid your dad and I are teaching some rather bad habits just because we are total suckers for a good giggle fest! This picture of you in your crib was after we were bouncing the mattress around you and you were just LAUGHING!

Just forget about this little incident when we tell you you can't jump on your bed. ;-)

Three weeks ago, you discovered your daddy is upfront during worship. You followed his every move the entire time. You turned your head to follow his voice and became memorized with him. You are a daddy's girl!

At church I rarely hold you. However, week before last you fell asleep strapped in the ergo, so when it came time for me to play the communion hymns I wasn't going to dare to wake you up. You just sat there sleeping through the first hymn I played. (Did I mention your had your head nuzzled in on my sweet. Mommy does happy dances inside during those tender moments).

When you woke up during the second, you were content and sat there strapped to me like we do this all the time. (Truth be told we have or else I wouldn't have been confident enough to feel like I could wrap my little arms around you and reach the keyboard.) You looked around like your usual curious self but didn't make a peep. Sometimes, I can't believe how well behaved you are. I don't like to talk about it a lot because it's the kind of stuff that make other mothers want to vomit all over me. Can't help it you've got such stellar genetics, kiddo! ;-)

(I'm fully aware if you have another sibling this will bite me in the behind, biological or not.)

During Sunday School, I often pass you off as I teach the middle school class. This week, you went with Kyndra to Brielle's class and got a spot in the play. Here draped in white, you are the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus (aka Brielle) after he was baptized by John the Baptist. 

You love music. You love when we sing to you. You like to wiggle to the music. You like to watch me play the piano. The past two weeks, you've enjoyed going to music class with other babies. We sing, play, dance, shake rattles, roll hula hoops, pat with rhythm sticks and beat on drums. The other babies are a little older than you which has been good. Today when you saw them schooching around on the floor (some were walking), you though, hmm I think I'll try that and reached with your arms to the floor. After you got in the floor, your friend from Moppetts, Wyatt came over the say hello. Soon, everyone else followed and by the time they lost interest, I could tell the wheels were turn on how you could follow them. This evening, you stuck your butt way up in the air and propelled yourself forward. Not an easy feat on hardwood. I expect to report that you're crawling at 6 months!

Sure, there are some days that just aren't the best. Especially when your gums start hurting when those pesky teeth try to come through. There were some rough couple of weeks this past month when you cried every time I laid you down for a nap or bedtime. Then sometimes it's just normal mistakes like when I don't keep up with your diaper and it gets just a little too soggy for comfort. Or maybe when I should have fed you but chose to play instead until World War Three broke out because your tummy is just a little too empty.

 But most of the time - this is us. The Friedrich girls happy in love with a man you call daddy, and I call hubby.

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