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The Baptism!!!

AUGUST 11, 2013

It's a date that will be burned into our brains (and Sarah's) for the rest of our lives! 

A lot has happened since the last update, but tomorrow is also Sarah's 3 month birthday, so the trip to NM and Dallas will be on that post. Then there will probably be another post just of pictures - because boy do we have a lot! (Typical...)

These are a few from mom's phone. There are a lot better pictures to come as a lot of hers didn't come out well. We're just waiting on getting them from other people. These are just to bait your appetite with!

First let me say, apart from the baptism, it was an absolute JOY to have a house full of family. There was constant chatter, a lot of singing going on, some playful TN/KY banter (at the expense of Aunt Amy) and really good food. I cannot think of a more perfect weekend.

Friday, the Friedrich clan arrived (well most of them). Bright and early before the crack of dawn, the Knoxville Friedrichs, the Oakridge Friedrich's and Amy flew out of Knoxville and arrived in Amarillo at 9am, just in time for us toe spend the whole day together! 

We greeted them at the airport with hugs, smiles and lots of Sarah introductions! It was the first time Sarah met her Great-Grandpa Roland and Great Grandpa Mitzi, Uncle Jacob and Godmomma/Aunt Amy. I couldn't wait to share our little miracle with them! They had all witnessed the bad and the ugly of my pregnancy and I couldn't wait to share my happy, healthy, lovable, cute, adorable (need I go on), Sarah.

I don't think I held her the rest of the day, and that was perfectly fine by me! After going immediately to Grandma, we passed her directly on to great-Grandma and great-Grandpa. Of course, it was love at first sight! Again, I didn't get very many pictures, so there will be a post soon with just pictures, but here are a few!

Of course, there are lots of pictures with Aunt Amy, Uncles Jacob and Craig, the Great Grandparents and the Grandparents - you'll have to just keep sratchin' those itches for now!

Uncle Craig's flight got canceled Friday night as a result of a mechanical failure, but turns out he ended up on Mimi and Papa's flight from Houston Saturday morning. It was so good to see them. Craig and his girlfriend Caroline (who couldn't make it but was missed) came at the end of April about two weeks before Sarah was born. It was so good to introduce Sarah on the outside! Craig is a natural with babies. Stephen took to Sarah very quickly, but didn't look near as comfortable as Craig did form the get go. He just picked Sarah up and played with her like it was something he does everyday! (No doubt it's from spending all that time in VA entertaining those sweet Dix girls!)

Mimi and Papa had come about three weeks ago, but like all the grandparents, they can never get enough and love seeing how easily smiling comes to Sarah now! She was just starting to smile when they came the last time. Now, an almost always happy baby (with a few exceptions), she melted our hearts all weekend with sweet grins!

Saturday evening, thanks to some wonderful friends at BSLC, we had a fantastic BBQ! Richard and Ingrid Owen are our perpetual Sunday night Dinner and Farkle friends. We trade cooking dinner every Sunday and play farkle until we can't any longer. Richard is kind of the smoker and had recently purchased a new one, so I asked him if he would smoke some meat for us if we promised to have him over to enjoy it. Well, you've no doubt heard of the Herpich's (as in Wally and Karen - who came to the Oridnation in Knoxville). Richard is their son-in-law and Ingrid (their daughter). The Herpich's, who are always hospitable to us, just invited us right up to their place on the only hills in Amarillo with a fantastic patio and we enjoyed our BBQ there. It was a lovely evening with very mild temperatures, a beautiful view, and quite possibly the BEST brisket I have ever had. (And I've eaten a fair amount of brisket, not to mention Richard's brisket.) Among other smoked items were a bear-butt chicken (chicken with a can of bear that steams into the chicken while it's being smoked...so moist and tender...geez it was good!) and pork ribs...another delectable meat! (And I'm not even really a meat person). I wanted my other family to be there in spirit, so I made my Nana's pound cake (with strawberries) and green beans, and our Lugoff, SC neighbor Ms. Rhonda's crockpot mac and cheese, and some corn bread a la Jeremy Roberts (a friend from Trinity - to represent all my Trinity Seminary friends!). Come to find out, Ms. Rhonda's granddaughter Collen got baptized on Sunday too! Karen also made Jan and Sally Werner's ranch-style beans, some cole slaw, potato salad and deviled eggs and an apple cobbler. (So there were quite a few options for Grandma Nancy!)

Needless to say - it was quite a feast!

Sunday - the big day! Finally arrived and Sarah woke up as happy as she could be. She had three outfit changes for the baptism in a carefully choreographed service. As a symbol of dying to your old self and rising to new life, Stephen likes his baptismal candidates to come in dark clothing. Sarah channeled her Aunt Kelly by wearing a black dress that was one of the many fashionable outfits given to her by her Aunt Kelly (there by allowing Aunt Kelly to be there in spirit!). When it came time for the baptism, we removed her black dress, and put on a dark gray diaper (yes, I color coordinated this down to the diaper). We came in with a diaper and a dark towel. Then with Godmomma Amy by my side, we promised to raise Sarah in the faith, teaching her the Lord's Prayer, the Commandments and the Creeds. We renounced the devil and all his empty promises and Stephen unmercifully doused Sarah in a ridiculous amount of water. Sarah took it like a champ, only sputtering what Dad had so gleefully gotten in her mouth and eyes. Sarah was baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! God claimed her and we were oh-so thankful! 

We then preceded to change Sarah into her white baptismal garment which has now been worn by three generations of the Friedrich family! Mimi and Grandma helped me dress Sarah into her long heirloom slip and gown (and yes, I changed her into a white diaper even though the gray wasn't wet, because I'm that neurotic!). We arrived back in the sanctuary just in time as the hymn was ending and Sarah was welcomed by her Beautiful Savior family! 

Then, our good friends Julia and Ayden were received as new members. It was a perfect day for them to join. Julia and I are coordinating the new MOPS group (Mother's of Preschoolers) together and have spent lots of time together with our kids. 

Following the service we took pictures and enjoyed a reception.

Sarah had yet a third change into a different white dress for the reception and baptismal lunch. (I couldn't risk leaving her in the heirloom dress that long!)

There are pictures taken by a congregation member of the baptism and far better pictures of all the family. I will post as soon as I get them.

The church gave us a beautiful glass frame with Sarah Grace etched in it and a blessing on her baptism.

After church, we enjoyed lunch at our favorite Mexican place, Fernandos. We had our favorite waitress and a room to ourselves. Baptismal gifts are not something that was ever a part of my family history, but seemed to be a big thing to Stephen's family as Sarah was spoiled by everyone, including great Aunts and Uncles who couldn't make it. 

We have a beautiful engraved frame from Godmomma Amy with Sarah Grace, Child of God, August 11,2013 on it. (This child will never forget the date of her baptism!) Another frame from Grandma and Grandpa that has "Bless this Little One" on it, as well as a photo album for baptism pictures. (Because, really, one can never have too many framed pictures or albums of Sarah!!!). 

Uncle Jacob made crosses that let light in from windows in of course, the best colors around Purple and Pink. Complete with the theological significance of Christ light shining through the cross and a very thoughtful card. That kid is so his brother's brother! (In the most wonderful ways!)
Uncle Craig gave Sarah another present from his escapades in China! A typical Chinese frock! Sarah will always be well cultured thanks to her Uncle Craig's world travels!

Great Aunt Laura and Uncle Matt, cousins Kaley and Erika shared a sweater that was knit by Sarah's great-great Aunt Tilly. Laura was the first girl that blessed the Friedrich family and it sounds like every girl there-after was privileged enough to get to wear such a beautiful pink sweater (knit with a tiny gauge in the softest of pink yarn!). I was also extremely excited for the cowgirl outfit Kaley shared with Sarah. Kaley was apparently a cow girl from Halloween, but here, Sarah could get away with it all year. It came complete with her very first pair of cowgirl boots. She probably won't wear them until she's two or so...I'm trying not to wish the days away until I can put her in it, because it is SO adorable. 

Great Uncle Doug and Terry (who I have now dubbed the Friedlerts) came through with Disney apparel once again. (Which delights me to no end!) She still wears the newborn t-shirts they gave her, but has just outgrown her Lion King pj's (much to my chagrin), however - Sarah now has the CUTEST pink sleeper that has "Sleeping Beauty" across it. Sleeping Beauty had nothing on Sleeping Sarah, so it's quite appropriate! She also has another Minnie Mouse t-shirt (can't deny I'm partial to Minnie!), the sweetest Snow White Dress and a Snow White t-shirt. I cannot WAIT to put her in those! 

(Let's me honest here...these presents were totally for my enjoyment, right?)

Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma came through with their usual poignant card as well as a prayer book for Sarah, Jesus Loves Me being sung by Bears, and this awesome "Learn to Read" Bible. (It's never too early!) Carrying on their life-long tradition of sharing Jesus with all of their family! I could go on about how cool that Bible is, but I will refrain since this is a long enough post and all you really wanted to see were pictures! 

And so, here are a few more to whet your appetite, including our family trip to What-a-burger and after the Friedrich's left on Sunday.

Please note that Sarah was changed into her UK onsie by dinner time and Aunt Amy! Note they are color-coordinated!!!

This girl is going to have some serious college allegiances when she grows up. Hoping she gets something Lenoir-Rhyne soon! 

It was a joy-filled weekend for so many reasons! I can't wait until I have a house full like that again! This proud mamma loves sharing Sarah with her family and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone! 

May God grant you days of blessing and joys like these!

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  1. I love a family who is so committed and proud of a child's baptism! This should be a wonderful time in a child's life and I know little Sarah has been blessed with so much love. She is a little doll!

    Cricket Leaphart