Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nasty November = Happy December

November started out fantastic with a visit to the family in Knoxville, if you recall the previous post, but things sort of went downhill from there.

We did have a fantastically quick visit at the Wallace Inn in Compton, IL before things started to head down hill. It was great to not only see Heather and Jamie, but enjoy the company of Owen and Thea Peterson as well. For those who don't know, Heather is from our home congregation St, John's Knoxville, as are her parents Owen and Thea. Heather and Jamie met at Lenoir-Rhyne our collective alma-mater. Jamie went to the Chicago seminary and is currently serving Immanuel Lutheran Church which is beautifully situated among windmills and still country life in Compton, IL. We had not seen them in a long time, so it was a wonderful visit even though it was quick.

Unforunately, I came down with a wicked cough and general ill feelings the next day which I blame on the guy that sat across from me on the Skylink in the Dallas airport who didn't cover his mouth. Really, two year olds can cough in their's not hard.

After I got an anti-biotic I proceeded to throw up despite my Zofran (aka, heavenly relief in a pill) regimen. Despite several friends efforts to provide movies, meals and a taste of Thanksgiving, my thanksgiving meal was two bags of fluids in the ER and a diagnosis for Flu B, despite my flu vaccine. The good news: Stephen remained healthy.

About the time I felt like I was arriving to the land of the living again on Monday, I learned my Papa had a bad stroke...and later discovered he was brain dead and would not recover. I'm exhausted talking about it, and a hole will be in my heart for a very long time, but it did help put things into perspective, and seeing family was nice.

A Happy December has come around though, because Tuesday, we got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. I healthy 155 bpm. I don't know how you can love something you can't see so much but I can't wait to kiss this baby all over! I wanted to beg the nurse not to move the doplar so I could listen for hours, but turns out baby likes to move! Even though I can't feel it, baby moved under the doplar so we got to hear that too.

I'm continually thankful for Stephen and his willingness to not only take care of me, but make every doctors appointment. Since the heartbeat was rather faint compared to other noises, we didn't record it this time, but the nurse assured us it would be louder as baby gets bigger, so we'll take video of it then. Of course, I don't expect you readers to want to listen hours on end as I did, but it's still pretty darn cool!

Our next anointment is December 21rst, the day after Stephen and I turn 28. I think we both agree the best birthday present ever will be a good report and a happy healthy baby!

We also got in an order of baby's first diapers and they are precious! I can't wait to put it on baby's bum!

This color is called "noodle" but when we find out boy or girl, you can bet we'll get creative with colors. Too cute!

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