Monday, October 15, 2012

First meeting, hello Rice.

Today, we had our very first meeting with our tee-niny little grain of rice. That's right, our baby is the size of a grain of rice which means we really are around six weeks pregnant. If you're calculating from our previous emergency room data, that means we really were only about three weeks pregnant at the hospital.

There were many great things confirmed today. One, although we couldn't really see much, we did figure out that our rice grain is in the right place (as in my uterus and not my tubes). Two, we saw the littlest flicker of a heartbeat thanks to my doctor's expert positioning skills with the sonogram machine. Three, our new due date is June 10th.

We were a little dissapointed that we're two weeks later, but decided it sounded more than it really is because it pushed us into a new month. On the other hand, both families will officially be out of school, so we're hoping this means family can get into town in ample time to be here for Baby Friedrich's grand arrival.

On the other side of things, this mom is so thankful to have seen proof of life today because so far, pregnancy is nothing to be excited about. Pregnancy fatigue is a different kind of tiredness that I never knew exisisted. If gives me new prospective for people who deal with chronic fatigue and how easy it is to get discouraged with it. Although I haven't yet thrown up, I feel like I should probably 80% of the day. I have to say, so far the only good thing about pregnancy is the sex that started it. (Sorry if that's TMI for the family members, but it's no secret how babies are made - and if it is, you're too young to be reading this...:-)

All in all today's appointment was a good thing because I saw proof of life that will make this all worth it in the end. It's hard to believe we all started so incredibly tiny. In theory we all learn about it in anatomy but seeing that little bitty heart beat that lives inside my tummy makes gives a totally different perspective. My little grain of rice is so cute already!

In other news, Happy 30th Birthday to Uncle John!

My brother who hates that he's turning thirty will be an uncle of a 4 month old on his 31rst birthday, so I promise unclehood to be the best part of his thirties!

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