Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to Amarillo - for good!

Well folks, we made it! Yesterday's drive was the longer half, but again, really wasn't near as bad as we had anticipated. We were so excited when we got here. I was giddy, for sure. In fact, I'm sitting here at 7:00 am in the morning showered and ready to go because I couldn't sleep any longer. Today reminds me of Christmas mornings when you were little and it was killing you to sleep any longer. Except SO much better. I am down in the lobby eating breakfast. I even left Prince Charming in bed!

We left Little Rock and stopped at the Oklahoma welcome center to grab a map and stretch. It was really nice and they even offered free coffee!

We stopped for lunch shortly there after then made our way to Oklahoma City, our last stop before Amarillo. There we gave the cat some more medicine and he finally calmed down. I let him out and he went back and forth between sleeping in my lap, and getting back in the cage to sleep (of course!).


Although I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it when he was in my lap and snuggling.

At last we made it to Amarillo, but not without enjoying our ride into Texas. It was absolutely beautiful. First, we encountered a Windmill Farm - something I had never seen again. (Stephen had seen one in Austria - OF COURSE!)

But that wasn't the only beauty we saw when heading into Texas, we arrived 60 miles outside Amarillo in time for a beautiful sunset. Stephen described it as one of those "thin" places where God's glory is clearly present. My pictures did not do it justice. I can't explain how breath-taking it is to see a sunset in 360 degrees. You can see exactly where the colors blend and fade all the way around you. We look forward to more of those.

People often say the mountains are "God's Country" but after experiencing last nights sunset and huge sky, it's clear God didn't forget to spread the beauty to this part of the world!

Today we are heading to church around 9am to meet Cheryl (BSLC's secretary) and get the keys to the parsonage. We'll check it out a little bit and then hang out it church for a while. Around lunch we're going to call Doug our truck driver and see where he is to anticipate his arrival. His target is tomorrow or Wednesday.

After that Stephen is going to work on installation stuff with Cheryl so she can get the bulletin done. I'm going to go shopping and get cleaning supplies, groceries and an air mattress.

Oh and as if our arrival in Amarillo couldn't be good enough, it's raining this morning. :-) Yes, I think they'll love us here - and so are we!

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